Wwwwoah speaking of backlog
Kitsoru: Nyoro~n?
So... I just noticed I seem to have ~MAGICALLY~ avoided posting a shitload of icons I made ...uh, I think LAST winter or summer, some specifically to share LOL

So here they are! Better late than never, right? 8D;

The Hiei ones were all about experimenting with new tools/brushes etc, so they're a bit all over the place. XD Let me know what you think, though!

(and omg I'm so sorry for the butt icon in advance LOL)

Saiyuki: (44 total)
-Gojyo (3 icons)
-Goku/Seiten Taisei (26 icons)
-Sanzo (6 icons)
-Dokugakuji bases (3 icons)

Yu Yu Hakusho:
-Hiei (39 icons)


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GW: AQUA 1xR art, PART 3
Gundam Wing: [AQUA] Silence.
Sorry for the long wait ;) Frozen Teardrop got me in the mood to post these.

If I can work up the patience to post them (they're well into the hundreds I think!), I will post a backlog of my misc. official and fanart GW icons (mostly Heero and Duo) next.
I also plan on iconing the new Glory of the Defeated manga and Frozen Teardrop, and will post those too, someday.

Onward to Part 3, the final AQUA post!

Gundam Wing: (74 total)
-Heero, Relena, 1xR


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Saiyuki: Gojyocest- My OTP.
This is a really huge dump that I've been putting off for ages, so I'll section it off by character this post. In icons where it's more than one character I just. sorta threw it in for whoever I was iconing for at the time, so.

The reason I didn't make many of Hakkai is... I really, really couldn't stand his actor lmao. So yeah, there's only a couple for him :x

These are great for RPers who prefer PB's or want to play in a game that requires PB's, as there's enough for an entire iconset for the 3 other ikkou guys.

These may be used as bases provided I am credited for them.

Slow connections, be forewarned...

Saiyuki Kagekiden: (195 total)
-Genjo Sanzo (58 icons)
-Son Goku/Seiten Taisei (74 icons)
-Sha Gojyo (59 icons)
-Misc. (4 icons)


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Icon Post #6
Yu Yu Hakusho: [Hiei] HIEI THE AMIGO
The results of a Yu Yu resurgence, artbook flipping and BLAST raws C: Enjoy.

Saiyuki: (26 total)
-Genjo Sanzo (5 icons)
-Son Goku (13 icons)
-Sha Gojyo (1 icon)
-Kougaiji (7 icons)

Yu Yu Hakusho: (41 total)
-Yusuke Urameshi (6 icons)
-Hiei (21 icons)
-Kurama (5 icons)
-Shishiwakamaru (5 icons)
-Misc. (4 icons)


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Icon Post #5
Kitsoru: Nyoro~n?
Made a whole bunch of Baiken by request, plus other stuff.

Guilty Gear: (68 total)
-Baiken (33 icons)
-Chipp Zanuff (34 icons)
-Group (1 icon)

-Son Goku (4 icons)


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Icon Post #4
Kitsoru: Nyoro~n?
Gundam Wing backlog and Kagekiden icons still getting put off a little while longer, because I'm lazy. (There really isn't any other excuse.)

-Badou Nails (1 icon)

Guilty Gear:
-May (12 icons)

Saiyuki: (29 icons total)
-Son Goku/Seiten Taisei (14 icons)
-Genjo Sanzo (4 icons)
-Cho Hakkai (4 icons)
-Sha Gojyo (2 icons)
-Houmei (3 icons)
-Group (2 icons)


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Icon Post #3
Kitsoru: Nyoro~n?
Another all-Saiyuki post today. I've been on quite the streak lately, and with Salty Dog VI out, there's plenty more fodder for me to play around with. I also went and reread the end of Gaiden and made icons from it, so... kinda-spoilery icon post? Not really though.

Also, I went on a rampage yesterday and made a ridiculous batch of Saiyuki Kagekiden icons- so those will come at a later date.

Saiyuki: (46 icons total)
-Son Goku/Seiten Taisei (25 icons)
-Genjo Sanzo (6 icons)
-Cho Hakkai (3 icons)
-Sha Gojyo (4 icons)
-Konzeon Bosatsu (5 icons)
-Other/Group (3 icons)


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Icon Post #2 [Dump, the first.]
Kitsoru: Nyoro~n?
First dump of all sorts of icons I've made (mostly for RP). This has most of the misc. ones (meaning, I have less than 50 or so).


Blazblue: Calamity Trigger
-Kokonoe (28 icons)
-Felicia (5 icons)
-Jon Talbain/Gallon (9 icons)
G Gundam
-Chibodee Crockett (29 icons)
Guilty Gear
-May [mostly in Johnny cosplay] (12 icons)
Gundam Wing
-Chang Wufei (4 icons)
-Quatre Raberba Winner (3 icons)
-Misc. (7 icons)
-Sabrina (23 icons)

125 icons total.


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Icon Post #1
Saiyuki: Gojyocest- My OTP.
First post!

This post contains most of the Saiyuki icons I've made thus far. I think. Maybe I'll find some under the couch later.

-Son Goku/Seiten Taisei (27 icons)
-Genjo Sanzo (2 icons)
-Sha Gojyo (3 icons)
-Cho Hakkai (1 icon)
-Jeep (5 icons)


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